Chef de Projet industrialisation

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Define and ensure the best process and the good realization of the industrial and peripheral means , in the respect of the objectives of Safety, Quality, Costs and Deadlines defined

Main Missions

1-Define the process and required resources for the assigned projects
– Take part in the project costing for his/her area of activity (resources, packaging, flow, etc.)
– Precise process constraints in the product design
– Provide the project team with industrial options that meet the expectations of the project/customer/plant
– Define the CS list of the process
– Initiate VSM and ensure monitoring
– Within the project and with the plant, lead work aimed at reducing the costs of investments
– Take into account the Lean Manufacturing requirements and the Mecaplast Production System (SPM) standards
– Define equipment specifications (assembly, paint, finish and packaging)
– Contribute to specifications for control means
– Be responsible for performing process FMECAs, including those required from suppliers and for taking into account process-related constraints in Product-Process design
– Validate the technical solutions proposed by suppliers (with support from the experts), which must be in line with the Group standards
– Manage the transfer of knowledge required for launch using the industrial integration plan (managed by the Launch Manager).
– Drive process developments and validate results during Full Operation Days or Full Operation Assessments based on customer standards.
– Comply with the rules, methodologies and industrial tools of the development standard.

2 – Lead the activity
– Lead and provide continuous support to the project team.
– Organise ‘mock’ projects to ensure the industrial solution is solid before sending specifications to suppliers
– Monitor performance indicators of the project and take corrective actions if necessary
– Ensure information is communicated within the team and foster team spirit
– Report on his/her activity (budget monitoring and estimated time to completion, schedule, performance level, etc.)

3 -Manage process qualification for the assigned projects
– Based on the objectives of the project, define industrialised resources with the plant
– Take the required decisions to optimise the results


– Ability to support multiple projects and balance priorities
– Strong analytical/statistical problem-solving tools 
– Ability to link customer needs with business processes 
– Strong facilitation and organizational skills 
– Excellent oral/written communication 

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